Glasgow, 20 October 1883 - Henry Whyte / Gaelic Societies

HENRY WHYTE, Commercial Clerk (30)—examined.

45055. The Chairman.
—We have had the names of a good number of delegates or representatives of different societies sent in to us, but it is impossible for us to take the whole of them. We have, therefore, asked you, who, I believe, are the secretary, to come forward as the representative of all. Are you prepared to make a statement?

45056. You do not desire to give evidence ?
—No, because it was understood at the meeting that each delegate was to submit evidence regarding something peculiar to the district from which he was, and therefore it was left to them. There was a sort of resume of the evidence submitted at the meeting, but it was understood that each delegate was to give the evidence from his own particular district, and therefore I am not in possession of any of the facts of the other witnesses.

45057. And you don't desire to make a statement at present?
—No. The only statement I would like to make is that an opportunity be given to those delegates at another meeting of the Commission, because there are very important delegates from districts that have not been visited by the Commission.

45058. Could any of these delegates come to Edinburgh?
—Some of them might. Others have come considerable distances to and are here at the present moment.

45059. Have they all got written statements?
—Some of them have. One or two are to be examined in Gaelic.

45060. From what part of the country do those come who are to be examined in Gaelic?
—One from Skye and one from the neighbourhood of Oban.

45061. These are parts of the country which we have already visited. When we heard of delegates from the different societies we rather contemplated gentlemen who had general or speculative notions and suggested remedies. We did not look forward to receiving from these societies local crofters ?
—Some of those witnesses that have not yet been examined are of the kind you have specified, and others are from districts that either have not been well represented, or have not been represented at all in your

45062. I think we bestowed more time on Skye than on any other place ?
—Yes, but there are districts or portions of districts which think they have not been so well represented as they might have been.

45063. That may be a subject for consideration afterwards. I cannot express any opinion upon it at this present moment?
—There is one gentleman here whom we should like to be allowed to make a statement.

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